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Fashion Photography

Whether its for promotional editorial or advertising we’re the ideal choice for an exciting new Ecom fashion store. Whether an on-model shoot for your online catalogue or  something a little more creative, we can help.

Promotional Editorial

The more digital content you have of your clothing collection the better. Including model photography in this will help enhance sales and boost brand image by giving customers a realistic visualisation of how the clothes will appear on them. This can be shot in a number of ways, including unrecognisable (or headless) photography, standard e-commerce and creative shoots.


Our team is committed to getting you the best images and we are more than happy to help you organise your model shoot – we work closely with a modelling agency, and have great connections with freelance Hair and Makeup Artists, and Stylists. For creative shoots we are happy to take on art direction or we can externally source this if necessary. In addition to our photographers we also have a highly skilled retouch team who can edit your photos to an exceptional standard.


If you require on-model fashion photography, then we can fulfil your project. We always produce great professional visuals, without fuss or compromise. We’re used to working with small start up fashion brands, so whatever your requirements and budget restraints we can help.

We know that model photography is essential for increased engagement on social media platform etc. If you intend on selling your clothing collection online our imagery will help deliver a true representation of how the product is supposed to be worn, always allowing the consumer to visualise the garments on themselves. 

You have a choice between full body and headless shots, depending on the look you want to achieve. There is also flexibility in how creative you want to be. Typically e-commerce is shot on white or grey, but colours outside of this can bring life to a collection. Introducing props can also add interest and aid in telling the story of your brand.

Commercial Photography

High-quality, eye-catching product photography typically will feature in online advertising campaigns, magazines, catalogues and e-commerce sites. Command attention on your products and drive sales. 

Promotional Editorial

The more digital content you have of your products to show them off the better for you, your business and ultimately your sales.

Editorial promotional product shots showcase your products in ‘real-life’ settings.

These are posed product images often featuring varying backgrounds, props, textures etc.

Not only do they show the product, but they are used to appeal to your audience and potential client base by promoting the product(s) within a certain setting, place or situation.

Every promotional editorial shot can vary wildly so this process is driven by the client, the product and the goals for which the editorial images are required.  Our team will work with you on this to come up with a concept and bring this to life.


Mainly used for brochures and online catalogues, we can supply your products shots beautifully on a white (or single coloured) background.

Even if you think these are “simple” shots we always take the care and attention required to get the best out of your products.

Packshots of this nature are great for any company’s multi purpose digital asset library. Due to their very nature, packshots are easy for designers to work with for many different uses from web to print.

We can also provide 360° degree spins and ghost mannequins.


Portrait Photography

The perfect Portrait photography captures the personality of the model or models. This can incorporate creative arts headshots, business or brand professional images and social media presence.

Creative Arts Headshots

Creative arts headshots have their own sense of drama and creativity. Open doors with a headshot that brings out your personality. Studio lighting or natural lighting?


Headshots are one of the key marketing tools for anyone aspiring within the creative arts. Traditionally associated with thespians, but just as important for dancers, musicians, artists, photographers as this image will often be one that they use to promote themselves and associate their face to their talent. 

Your headshot will be the first thing a casting director will look at when going through submissions. If the headshot catches the CD’s attention, you’ve already passed the first hurdle.

The Headshot is THE key actor’s marketing tool. There are many reasons to invest in a set of good quality headshots done by a professional headshot photographer. Headshots are actors’ branding and marketing around the industry; it’s the key toward getting noticed for the audition, and the best way for an agent or Casting Director to remember the actor for future work. Remember – Only if you fit the part based on your looks will they go on to look at your resume and show reel.

Corporate / Business Headshots

In business first impressions count  and a professional image attracts great business. A professional headshot for you or for your business can inspire new customers or be your gateway to new opportunities and further success. LinkedIn is a powerful marketing platform – make sure you are utilising its power and grabbing attention.


We offer a variety of professional photography solutions for all your business needs. The business headshot, is the single most important marketing tool for any entrepreneur, business, author or personality


GROUP DISCOUNTS ARE AVAILABLE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFO. We can also travel to your business location. 

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